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Wraptor HD


This version of the Wraptor is no longer available.

We are hoping to release the new version by Fall of 2017 .  Details will be posted here.



*For international orders, multiple orders, or other special orders; contact

RopeTek™ Wraptor HD™ was created specifically for the more demanding needs of the Tower industry, incorporating design updates to improve durability and longevity of the unit.

  • CE Certified system* (under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC [MD])   (*Lanyard and Safety Snap also CE certified to complete the system)wraptor HD 1 images
  • Tool Steel Hub
  • Cage design on stand, for increased protection of engine and gas tank.
  • Armored plated steel tip on peeler arm, for increase durability.
  • Rollers on fairlead to prevent wear of rope
  • Pulley system for tail end of rope
  • Utilizes a compact, gasoline powered, two-stroke motor with a gear reduction system
  • Has a lift capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Can ascend 100ft. per minute, with some variation attributed to weight of climber
  • It weighs 23 lbs.
  • Will run thousands of feet on one tank of fuel
  • Numerous failsafe components
  • Is EPA compliant

The Wraptor HD™………………………….$4500.00 Free Shipping in the US